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Frequently Asked Questions


We are pleased to tell everyone that the following IATF-EID & Manila Gov't Alert Level 1 guidelines will be in effect until July 15, 2022:

➡️Guests 17 years old and below can visit even if unvaccinated. They must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent/guardian.
➡️Guests 18 years old and above must be FULLY VACCINATED against COVID 19. They must bring their vaccination card and a valid ID.
Please wear your face mask properly. Wearing of face shield is highly encouraged. Thank you!
Let's have fun while staying safe. See you soon! 😘


We are open every Tuesday to Sunday and Public Holidays from 10am to 6pm!

Do I need to wear face mask and face shield during visit?

Face masks must be worn at all times. Removal will only be allowed when eating/ dining in the restaurants. Wearing face shield is optional

Child Policy

Children 2 FEET (24 inches) and below are free of charge. Children above two feet will need a ticket. Admission will be based on height, and not by age.

How can we buy tickets?

You can buy tickets through at our website or at our accredited online partner such as Klook.

You can also purchase the tickets over the counter on the day of your visit through walk-in

TIP: Buy your tickets online to check our available dates and skip the queue lines. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO BOOK INSTANTLY 👉

What attractions are available?

Currently, the attractions available are the Oceanarium, Trails to Antarctica (Penguin Exhibit & Christmas Village), Super Toy Collection, Jellies Dancing Sea Fairies, World of Creepy Crawlies, Sea Lion Show & All Star Bird Show.

Can I order and pay for the voucher and give them to another guest as a gift?

Yes. If given as a gift, kindly give them the copy of the QR code and they're good to go :)

Please remind them to keep safe the QR code. Manila Ocean Park will not be responsible for lost or stolen tickets

Contact numbers/details to talk to if I wish to clarify the deals online?

 You can get in touch with MOP thru our trunklines: 02 83541783, 02 83541281  or thru email at

Safety Blog

You can view our Blog about Safety in the Park by clicking on this link: Manila Ocean Park Reopening! | Manila Ocean Park

How many times can we enter the attractions?

Tickets are valid for one-time entry only.


For example, once you entered and exited the Oceanarium, you won’t be able to enter the Oceanarium again using the same ticket. We advise all our guests to take their time and enjoy the attractions while they are inside.

What if we miss the other attractions, can we still avail them?

Please be informed that tickets are valid for 1 day use only. Please make sure to enter the attraction befoe the Last Entry Time.

Where is Manila Ocean Park located?

We are located at the back of Quirino Grandstand stage, Luneta, Ermita, Manila.

Can we bring outside Food and Drinks?

Please be reminded that outside food and drinks are not allowed inside. You can buy at our available food outlets or restaurant in our park.

Are pets allowed in Manila Ocean Park?

Pets are not allowed in the Park and our Hotel as our animals need to be subject to health quarantine rules and to prevent cross infections.

Thank you for your kind understanding and love for animals

How long is the validity of the tickets?

When tickets are bought at Manila Ocean Park central ticketing office, the validity is one day. However, tickets bought from our website have a specific validity date that can be found in the fine print.

Advisory on Metrodeal Tickets

Please be advised that Manila Ocean Park will not honor or accept any voucher marketed, sold or distributed by MetroDeal for any of our attractions, packages and show tickets. If you happen to have purchased any of the vouchers mentioned, please coordinate directly with MetroDeal for your refund. Thank you!

Parking Rates

We have two parking lots available for our guests:
South Parking (near Harbor View) and North Parking (near Manila Hotel). The rates are as follows:

For Car/SUV
* First three hours – P50.00
* Succeeding hours or a fraction thereof – P30.00

For Motorcycle
*6am to 10pm – P40.00 (flat rate)
*Succeeding hours or a fraction thereof – P40.00

We have a 15-minute 'grace period' if you'd like to just drop off your passengers at the main entrance and park somewhere else

How can we avail the Sea Lion Encounter?

Sea Lion Encounter is currently not available. Please stay tuned on our social media and official website for updates.

How can we avail the Sharks and Rays Swim Encounter?

Sharks and Rays Swim Encounter is currently not available. Please stay tuned on our social media and official website for updates.

How can we avail the Mermaid Swim Experience?

Mermaid Swim Experience is currently not available. Please stay tuned on our social media and official website for updates.

How can we avail the Aquanut Voyage?

Aquanaut Voyage is currently not available. Please stay tuned on our social media and official website for updates.

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Thanks for coming! Hope you had a wonderful adventure at Manila Ocean Park. :)

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