Beyond the Dome

Harvesting Rainwater

Immerse yourself in the wonders of sustainability at the Philippine Biodome, where every drop of rain is a step towards conservation. By capturing rainwater from the expansive Sewage Treatment Plant Roof, we channel this life-giving resource into our comprehensive collection tanks. Here, every droplet is carefully filtered and treated, transforming it into a vital source of nourishment for our thriving plant life, maintaining the pristine habitats of our resident species, and ensuring the eco-friendly cleanliness of our facilities.

Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond mere conservation; it’s about creating a harmonious balance between human innovation and the natural world. Join us at the Philippine Biodome, where each raindrop contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

Harnessing the Sun

Embrace the power of the sun at the Philippine Biodome, where our cutting-edge solar panels are not just installations but gateways to a sustainable future. These panels capture the sun’s endless energy, providing a continuous flow of power for essential systems like lighting, heating, ventilation, and more. This solar-powered heart beats within our biodome, showcasing our dedication to energy efficiency and our commitment to reducing the reliance on conventional power sources.

By harnessing solar energy, we’re turning a new leaf in environmental stewardship, cutting down our dependence on fossil fuels, diminishing our greenhouse gas emissions, and contributing significantly to the global shift towards clean, renewable energy sources. The Philippine Biodome stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability, illuminating the path for a greener planet. Join us under the sun’s embrace, where every beam spells hope for a brighter, cleaner world.

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