Apple House

A playful sanctuary where laughter rings as freely as the water flows. With its bright, cheerful colors and inviting open “bites,” this oversized apple structure showers joy as much as it does water. Everyone can enjoy and giggle through the gentle downpours it creates.


Water depth
Water depth
0.3 Meter
No height limit
Thrill Level
Thrill Thrill Thrill Thrill Thrill
What is Apple House?

It’s a large, apple-shaped structure with a hollow interior, allowing children to play inside. The apple has a cheerful design and bright colors. The entrance to the Apple House looks like a bite has been taken out of the apple, creating an opening for children to enter and exit. This playful design adds to the fun and fantasy element of the waterpark. The Apple House is a spot where children can engage in imaginative play while staying cool in the water, adding a creative and engaging attraction to the waterpark experience.

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