Water Rings

It’s a magical circle where the sky meets the ground in a prism of colors, and the water creates a glistening veil. Every splash is a burst of delight, every droplet a spark of imagination. This whimsical water feature is where the sun’s rays paint rainbows in the mist, inviting everyone to dash through the aquatic rings, reveling in a cool cascade. It’s a place of pure happiness, where every run through the watery rainbow is an adventure into a world of bright, joyful play.


Water depth
Water depth
0.3 Meter
No height limit
Thrill Level
Thrill Thrill Thrill Thrill Thrill
What is Water Rings?

These rings have nozzles that spray water inward toward the center of the ring, creating a curtain of water that visitors can pass through! This encourages playful engagement and interactions. Designed with safety in mind, ensuring that the water pressure is gentle enough to be safe for all users, including small children.

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